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Patrick is a father of three amazing children who are the center of his world.  He is also an elementary school teacher in northern Michigan with a Masters Degree in Educational Technology.   He enjoys coaching his children's teams and spending time in the outdoors.  

Patick's inspiration for A Typically Random Extraordinary Day came from something he would do while reading to his children.  Many of the stories they shared were memorized by both him and his children and they knew what was coming next.  He started substituting words that were off rhyme scheme and very random in nature.  His children always found this hystrical, which got him thinking about a book designed with the same concept.  As he began to put the book together he realized that this was more than just a fun story.  This pattern of randomness is pretty common in his daily life.  This is the reason he used the term "Typically Random"  in the title.    He now hopes to use the book to help others see that being random or different isn't such a bad thing.  

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